Zigbee Alliance Member

Zigbee™ Development

If your product development requires a wireless networking technology that is extremely power efficient, cost effective and requires low data rate monitoring, control or sensing, then ZigBee™ may be the right technology solution for your product. As a ZigBee Alliance member, Archronix has the knowledge and experience to enable ZigBee wireless technology in your products and to help you efficiently get the products to market.

We are a member of Freescale's Design Alliance Program and have been fully trained on the ZigBee BeeKit. In addition, our engineers have spent time working with other manufacturers' ZigBee solutions. We have made a significant investment in Zigbee technology and are prepared to assist you with your product development needs.

The Archronix ZigBee development team can help you with product architecture, detailed product design, models and prototypes, testing and certification and introduction into manufacturing. Our engineers are prepared to help you integrate ZigBee into your existing product line or help you create a new product that offers features and benefits that were previously unavailable.

For more information on how Archronix can help apply Zigbee technology to your project, contact us at info@arcx.com.