Archronix builds solutions that are foremost driven by the ambition to make our clients more successful. Our consulting and prototype development services are specialized for the OEM and experience includes:

Firmware Developement and Hardware for:

  • ARM 9, 11, Cortex8
  • i.MX51, i.MX35, i.MX31, i.MX27
  • Coldfire V1, V2, V3, V4
  • Digital Signal Processors (DSP's) TI, Freescale, Analog Devices
  • PowerPC (Power QUICC II)
  • 68K
  • MSP430 (TI)
  • Flexis (Freescale)
  • QorIQ (Freescale)
  • HCS08
  • Zilog
  • Cypress
  • 8051
  • Linux/uClinux
  • MQX
  • WindowsCE
  • uCOS
  • Qt, Qt/Embedded, Qtopia
  • gstreamer
  • gnash
  • WebKit

Hardware Design for:

  • USB 1.0, 1.1 (FS), 2.0 (HS)
  • Ethernet (10 / 100/ 1000)
  • LCD Interfacing
  • FPGA/CPLD Interfacing
  • High Power IGBT's and Gate Drivers
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • RF 900MHz 2.4GHz radios
  • Zigbee
  • Several Proprietary Radios in the 900 and 2400 MHz ISM Band
  • CAN bus
  • RS232/485

VHDL Design and Programming for FPGA/CPLD:

  • Altera
  • Actel
  • Xlinx
  • Lattice

Application Devleopment:

  • MS Windows Managed (.NET) and Unmanaged Code (C/C++)
  • Networking Technologies involving TCP/IP, UDP, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, FL-net
  • Web application development (ASP.NET, J2EE/JSP, PHP)
  • Database design (MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite)
  • Scripting languages (Python, Ruby, Perl)
  • Mobile applications (iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile)

PCB Layout:

  • High Density
  • Controlled impedance
  • High Power, High Voltage
  • Flex and semi-rigid

Other Services:

  • Schematic Entry
  • Mechanical Enclosure Design
  • Peer Reviews
  • Staff education and training
  • Prototype Manfucature
  • Source Control Management (SCM)

Major Project Highlights

Web-Based Logic Controller

Archronix in conjunction with its sister company Arcx Inc, developed an i.MX31 based Linux platform to combine HMI and logic functionality in a small, industrial form factor. The hardware architecture leveraged both ARM and Flexis processors. The software utilized both embedded firmware drivers and Linux applications to provide a very flexible and versatile device for non-deterministic automation applications.

TE1 Electric Vehicle

The Archronix Corp design team designed and implemented the vehicle instrumentation, monitoring, navigation and accessory fuse panel for this innovative electric vehicle. Using proven i.MX technology, they were able to implement a reliable robust solution in mere weeks enabling the client's competetive advantage.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design

Defined as a 'parallel hybrid', the tractor-trailer design by Archronix used both a 300-hp diesel engine and a 100-hp switched reluctance motor (SRM). During times of increased demand, such as starting torque or highway acceleration, the SRM system was capable of providing the needed power boost. During deceleration and braking the system was able to recover much of the lost energy. A battery bank located behind the fuel cells stored the recovered energy, and was further maintained by a small amount of power being used from the diesel engines during vehicle cruise. Performance tests showed an overall increase in fuel economy through the reduced peak demand of the diesel engine. Archronix developed the controller and associated control software as per customer requirements, including the embedded 68332 control board through to the two-stage, four-quadrant, high-power converter. The Archronix engineers working on the project were awarded a prize from Motorola for innovative solutions.

Medical Gas Alarm System, Networking & Monitoring Software

In the project's first phase, Archonix designed a 16 and 32-bit Microsoft Windows-based medical gas alarm system, using a proprietary multi-drop serial protocol solution. In the second phase of development, the system was upgraded to a TCP/IP-based network protocol over Ethernet, building on the common presence of CAT5 communications cabling in most medical facilities. The protocol, loosely based on Universal Plug-n-Play (UPnP), allows for automatic discovery and subscriber-based events.

Traffic Ticket Issuance System

Archronix wrote the Microsoft Windows CE and CE.NET applications that connected handheld computing devices to a backend server, allowing the Traffic Enforcement Officer to write and print tickets on a wireless handheld thermal printer. Information about the ticket is transmitted real-time to the central server to verify information and provide additional relevant information, such as indications of stolen vehicles. The primary server system integrated into multiple client servers, using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technologies.

Vehicle Detection System, Patented

Archronix developed a patented, client-owned technique for reliably detecting the presence of a vehicle. The detection system, controlled by a backend server application, wirelessly connected standard parking meters and pay/display machines. The system was capable of working above and below ground is battery-powered and capable of operating several years on a single battery pack.

Test Equipment

Using embedded microcontrollers, Archronix was able to assist in the design of a device that measures stress and fatigue on parts. The engineering team guided the client through code development and prototype design, providing a resource to staff during continued testing and certification.

Switched Reluctance and Permanent Magnet Motor

Using sophisticated control algorithms, Archronix produced several motor controller designs for Switched Reluctance and Permanent Magnet machines. These designs required expertise in embedded controllers, FPGA and mixed signal design. Later aspects of the project required the development of the high power switch structures from IGBT gate drives to coplanar bus structures, and final troubleshooting and client acceptance testing. The engineering team also: designed digital control boards; mixed signal analog/instrumentation boards; developed FPGA and low level firmware; engineered test equipment to simulate operation; and carried out customer presentation on behalf of the client.

Magnum Dynalab

Using the latest in embedded microcontrollers for TI (the MSP430F169), Archronix developed a custom solution that reduced the cost of the system by 400%, space inside the radio unit by 600%, and allowed for additional functionality. Using the client's existing radio design, Archronix engineered a sophisticated solution that provided infra-red remote control functionality, while maintaining MagnumDynalab's world-class FM tuning requirements.

Variable Speed Motor Controller

Designed an innovative new 8bit processor variable speed motor controller for therapeutic use. Archronix received a Top Ten Design Winner award of the Freescale Black Widow Design Contest.